On this site you will find two types of images - photographs and altered photographs. The photographs have been developed digitally along traditional lines - starting off as raw files and then enhanced and interpreted in digital software. Altered photographs also began as raw files, but they have undergone a variety of different techniques to produce the effects they now show.

How I develop a raw file depends entirely on the image. For images of landscapes I am drawn to, only photography can adequately express the power of their reality, and the intensity of my seeing. Other images are the results of enduring interests, a fascination, for instance, with how we travel around our world, how ships and airplanes in particular become associated with human visions and aspirations. Or again, how the history and culture of cities appears in the layout of the streets and buildings. These interests evoke ideas as well as visions that can sometimes, but not always, be better expressed with a freer hand, using digital brushes, filters, or other techniques to convvey what is seen in the mind's eye.

This site, then, displays some of the results of experimentation and learning.